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Customer Care

JPA Sports are committed to providing a high quality service to our customers. providing top quality goods at reasonable prices. enabling you to have complete confidence in our products.  We aim to set clear standards of service and to regularly review and improve performance. We operate in an ethical manner treating customers, employees and suppliers as we would like to be treated. we will ensure this by:

  • Operating a continuous product and service portfolio management program to ensure products and services are designed, produced and delivered to meet our customer requirements efficiently 

  • Facilitate customer reviews to improve the quality and delivery of service with the aim of developing continuous improvement to all added value aspects of our service 

  •  Conduct regular surveys and welcome feedback whether positive or negative 

  •  Regularly review any suggestions to improve our service levels made by both our customers and our staff

  • Record and review any dissatisfaction raised in order to improve what we do, wherever possible 

Payment Methods

Payment Methods

Credit / Debit Cards

Offline Payments

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